ARTIST TALK & Exhibit Closing Reception:  FRIDAY, Mar. 11, from 6:00-8:00 PM at GROUNDWORK!

GROUNDWORK! presents a closing reception and artist talk for their first art exhibit in their new space, “NOTHING without EVERYTHING” from Partner Projects Studio artist, Tim Ellis Cole with the help of a talented group of collaborating artist and maker friends. Works include painted surfboards, installations, mixed media paintings, a mural and hand-pulled prints. The reception will take place Friday, March 11, 2016, from 6:00-8:00 PM at GROUNDWORK! located at 1213 Purchase St., New Bedford, MA(entrance on Maxfield St.). A brief artist talk will start at 7:00.

The artist talk will touch on interconnectivity, how the blurred lines between quantum mechanics and spirituality impact artistic inspiration and perception, collaborating with friends who inspire, the mysteries of creative process, what continues to be learned in the wake of hanging this show and the feeling of validation and gratitude that comes with finding an interested audience. Tim will further discuss the donated mural, how it relates to GROUNDWORK!(a co-working space) and how the concepts for the show all organically came together. The talk will be concise and touch on these points only briefly, so any dialogue to follow will be greatly encouraged.

The Exhibit:  “NOTHING without EVERYTHING” seeks to illustrate interconnectivity and interdependence through literal, figurative and physical means. Interconnectivity defines our existence as well as our perception of material reality. The Buddhist concept of “dependent origination” explains that nothing exists outside of relationships with other beings or phenomena. Nothing arrises out of nothing. The same concept is evident in quantum mechanics. Emptiness is infinite potential and is understood to be a field of potential from which every possibility arrises. We are all nothing without each other and all that surrounds us far beyond what can be seen... we are “NOTHING without EVERYTHING.” 

Nothing without Collaborators:
• Bryan Randa- (other artists that lent a hand in the hot shop were Jessie Randa, Caitlyn Aurelio, Don Parkinson, & Tim)
• Michael F. Dubois-
Tim Burlingame-
Shawn Vecchione-

Relevant Interviews and Press: 

Partner Projects Studio is the studio/gallery of Monument Beach artist, Timothy Ellis Cole.  Tim grew up in New Jersey, studied art in Santa Fe, NM and settled in New England.  His work and exhibitions are often in collaboration with alternative art and music spaces, musicians, local nonprofit organizations and civic groups, skate/snow/surf brands, musicians and other inspiring ventures.   The name Partner Projects is rooted in a partnership with the perpetual inspiration in our surroundings and all the elements there-in.  This culmination of experience with all things (natural and man-made; human, plant and animal; sight, sound and smell) yields dynamic evolution in the work.  Places that are or have been home inspire Tim’s aesthetic a great deal.  The assimilation of physical elements from these places in the art serves to tell a story of the places that inspire.
Tim’s work includes murals, mixed-media paintings, installation art, illustration and design, hand-pulled prints and apparel and he is always looking for collaborative projects.